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BUZZ Mobile Whiteboard

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$1,625.00 $2,180.00

The Buzz Mobile Whiteboard has a distinctive form and unique design offers a consideration of functional movement.   B U Z Z creates an agile environment where thoughts and insights are easily shared.
Create meaningful team moments. Move your meeting to where it’s required on easy glide wheels. 

Elegant design meets practical considerations, B U Z Z features a double sided Vitreous Enamel writing surface with 25 year writing warranty and a removable magnetic pen shelf.

Double sided vitreous and magnetic receptive enamel writing panels (1180 x 1110mm) are supplied with a 25 year writing warranty. Functional design is always a prime consideration so a removeable magnetic pen shelf (480mm) is also supplied.

The four legs of BUZZ suggest movement. Large soft gliding castors are semi recessed and ideal for hard and soft surfaces. The legs can be folded flat for convenient storage

Installation is simple and requires only a hex key. Conveniently this is supplied and stored in the middle barrel of BUZZ for later use when required.

B U Z Z is available in a fixed colour palette. Powder coated orange aluminium frame (RAL 2004) with a complimentary dark charcoal (Pantone 433) supplied for the durable aluminium legs (3 mm wall thickness). The orange frame offers a visual beacon to team members.

For more information please call our Customer Service team on 0409 529 323 or email info@glassboardsonline.com.au

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