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How will you deliver my glass board?

Your glass board will be delivered by a courier or on forwarder that is frequently used by our company.  We have screened a variety of companies and come up with the best available service to safely deliver your new glass board to your door.

Do you charge a surcharge on credit cards?

No we don't charge a surcharge on credit cards. 

I am trying to order a glass board but it says no shipping terms available in my area?

This message will occur if shipping is required outside our normal shipping area. Please call Glass Boards online on 0409 529 323 and we will organise a special shipping rate for you.

Why do my fridge magnets not work on my Glass board?

Fridge magnets are not strong enough to work on a glass board. We use Rare Earth magnets which are strong enough to get through the glass and connect with the magnetic sheeting located behind the glass. 

What are the best markers and cleaning products to use on the Glass boards?

Any markers work on the glass boards.   We don't recommend any particular brand, just make sure you clean the board well after every use.  To clean the glass boards we recommend that you use water or commercial glass cleaners such as Windex.  

 What is the warranty on your Glass products?

There is a lifetime warranty on the writing surface of our glass boards.

What if my glass board is damaged in transit?

 If your glass board is damaged in transit take photos of the damage immediately.  You  will need to call Glass Boards online 0409 529 323 to discuss the steps that need to be taken.  If this occurs the matter will be reviewed.

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes, Our Installation Service is readily available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth Metro areas.  

If you fall outside these areas lease call one of our friendly staff on 0409 529 323 or email info@glassboardsonline.com.au to see if we can install in your area.

All Glass boards come with instructions on how to install the board.

What if my board is damaged while I install it?

No responsibility is taken by Glass board online for damage done while installing the product.