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Glassboard Starter Pack

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Bamboo Pen Cup: A Stylish Bamboo pen cup with super strong magnets,.  Use it as a pen holder or as a flower pot for decorating your glass board. Can be used on whiteboards as well as glassboards. Unique NAGA Bamboo Magnetic Pen Cup.

Glassboard Eraser: Dimensions: 5 x 5 cm. Being magnetic, this NAGA Magnetic Glassboard Eraser is ready to hand when you need it most. No shelves are needed to hold those all important accessories with magnetic glassboards.

5 Pack Glassboard Magnets: Cute as a button, these magnets will not only look great, they’ll hold anything onto your glassboard.

Cleaning Fluid: Ideal for removing most types of ink from whiteboard surfaces. Non-flammable with a pleasant lemon fragrance in a 250ml pump spray. Use with White Board Cloths or Eraser.

Maxiflo 4 Pack Whiteboard Markers:

Maxiflo Markers are suitable to write on any Whiteboard or Glassboard.

  • Pump Action Marker
  • Vibrant colouring
  • High Quality Whiteboard Marker

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