Coloured Markers - 4 pack

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4 colours in a pack.

Want to add some pizzazz to your messages or brainstorming?  Want to have a different colour for every member of staff or the family? This pack includes a white marker for black or coloured glassboards. 

This 4 pack of Staedtler Whiteboard Markers is ideal for the classroom, workplace or home. These remarkable markers won’t dry up if left uncapped for days at a time.
  • Colours: red, green, blue and black
  • 2 mm bullet tip
  • Long lasting
  • High resistance to evaporation
  • Can be dry-wiped without leaving residue on whiteboards and smooth surfaces like glass and porcelain
  • Toluene and xylene free

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Quick drying action will leave no smudges.

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