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Lumiére Magnetic Glassboards

Our Lumiére Magnetic White Starphire Glassboards blend seamlessly with any décor.  

You should choose Lumiére Glassboards™ for any project requiring an elegant writing surface that is stain free and magnetic receptive. They provide a sleek, timeless look and have been the choice for education interior designs and large scale projects in particular.

The best value for money when it comes to buying a Magnetic Glassboards. 


  • 5 Super Strong Rare Earth Magnets (Valued at $19.00)
  • Perspex Pen Tray (Valued at $59.00)

With EVERY LUMIERE Glassboard 

  • Made from 4.5mm toughened Magnetic Safety Glass
  • Conforms to: AS/NZS 2208:1996                                                                     Safety Glazing Materials In Buildings Standard
  • All necessary fittings and fixtures are supplied with the boards
  • Polished edge 6mm round corners
  • 12mm holes for fixing are spaced 35mm from edges
  • Lifetime warranty on writing surface
  • Available in 9 standard sizes

This product is in stock and available now!

Glass boards fixtures guide:

Now supplied with white fixtures but can be supplied with silver fixture on customer requests. 

Sizes up to 1500 x 900 Glassboard include 4 holes for fixtures, 
Sizes 1500 x 1200 to 2100 x 1200 Glassboards include 6 holes and 6 fixtures
2400 x 1200 Glassboards include 8 holes with 8 Fixtures

PLEASE NOTE: Rare Earth Magnets are the only magnets that the boards will hold. These are sold separately with a wide range to suit anyone's preference.

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